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Fighting with Alix Board + FreeBSD 7.x (update for FreeBSD 8.x)

May 13th, 2009 No comments

I’m currently installing a new sandbox for our DSL customers.

The idea is quite simple: Once a customer is virus infected or doing something nasty put him into a sandbox using some firewall forwading (IPFW) and squid magic. I’ve created such a sandbox about 3 years ago – but I have new ideas and some updates I want to bring in. I will probably show how the whole system works in a later post.

But before going live with the new sandbox I just wanted to test the basics and make sure i have some proof of concept that everything is working as planned.
So I took one of my PCengines Alix board (alix2d3) and decided to install FreeBSD 7.2 on it.


Sounds easier as it is but here are the steps what I did:

Installing FreeBSD to have a PXEboot Environment using a serial console

Actually, installing FreeBSD over the network is quite simple and consists of following tasks:

  1. configure a DHCP server
  2. configure a TFTP server
  3. configure a NFS server
  4. prepare the data for the installation
  5. modify some stuff on the nfs host
  6. boot the alix box and install everything needed
  7. reboot alix box and enjoy

So, but some stuff is really tricky…

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