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GNS3 0.7.1 Released (but not running on Mac OS X)

April 30th, 2010 No comments

Just noticed, that GNS3 0.7.1 has been released – even with a Mac OS X version. Good Job!

According to their news several stuff has been fixed – like:

    * Qemuwrapper (option to listen on a IP/host and port).
    * Basic support for external hypervisors.
    * Some improvement for projects under GNS3 (still work to do).
    * Many small bugs fixes (graphical, cloud connection etc.)

The Dynamips exceutable in the 0.7 version for Mac was unfortunately broken (solution: Take dynamips executable from the previous 0.5 version). I wasn’t able (yet) to verify if it’s workin in this release.

But the bad information is: 0.7.1 is not running on Mac OS X right now… 🙁

GNS3 0.7.1 crash

GNS3 0.7.1 Crash

Cisco VPN Client reaches release (not beta anymore!)

April 15th, 2010 No comments

It seems that the VPN client for Windows 7 / XP has now reached final version.

Highlights from the release notes:

VPN Client 5.0.07 supports the following Microsoft OSs:
- Windows 7 on x64 (64-bit)
- Windows 7 on x86 (32-bit) only
- Windows Vista on both x86 (32-bit) and  x64
- Windows XP on x86

To avoid problems with the TCP/IP Registry Compatibility service and the VPN Virtual Adaptor, it’s recommended that Windows Vista users install Vista SP2 or later.

Before you install the VPN client, please check wether some of the problems are fixed for you, or if the known problems will affect you.